Sunday, January 13, 2008

Another day in paradise...

Oh the blessed "weekend off!" And it's Sunday afternoon and I haven't done a thing that needed doing in my house! I hate working weekends. The only good thing about it is that it means on less day each week that the kids are away from home. Nick hates daycare so much I would work every weekend if it would keep him away from there, but it still wouldn't. Zack is fine with my mom and dad, but let's face it, they need a break sometimes too! So back to the weekend. We had plans...BIG plans. So far I haven't accomplished much. I went baby shopping with a friend yesterday and got Nick some new clothes (Gymboree had a big sale!!!), put away all of the "new" clothes in Zack's closet that used to be Nicks, did a LOT of laundry, and actually managed to cook all the meals at home so far this weekend. That's a lot for me. We went to church this morning...again, a big accomplishment for our household! Left on the agenda is getting a new garage door opener (just the little remote part...Nick lost mine), cleaning out the office and moving my desk back in (right now it's in our bedroom and that's not working for me at all!), making the weeks meal schedule, and paying some bills. Also (big news!!!) I need to find time to work on my resume. I applied for a job back in the early part of December and never heard anything about it....assumed they weren't interested, but found out that they couldn't find me in the hospital email system (I'm still in there under my maiden name). Anyway, long story short, I now have an interview on the 21st. YIKES! I haven't had an interview in a very long time! So I have to brush up my resume to reflect that I am indeed qualified to be the new "Director of Infection Control" at our hospital. YIKES again, director of a whole department...what am I thinking????? What I'm thinking is that I don't want to work Christmas again....ever. This really gets into a sticky mess though, because just last week...Tuesday...I accepted a position as midnight shift supervisor in the lab. I would never have said yes if I thought this other job was still in the works. So now tomorrow i have to go in and explain that "yes" I still want that job, IF this job doesn't come through. That's pretty crappy of me, isn't it? Oh well, watch me wind up with neither of them!!!! At least I'll get next christmas off......

So what's new in the rest of the world? Babies everywhere! A girl on my forum is having her third, my best friend is having a BOY, and the neighbor girl across the street just had a little girl this morning. And yes, I said neighbor "girl." This I don't understand....why can the young, unmarried and unready get pregnant and have great easy pregnancies, when there are other married women (I know, marriage isn't everything, but you know what I mean) who try and try every month and can't conceive? Never have figured that out. I have a good friend who had a pregnancy while she was in high school and had an abortion. (i think it's wrong, but i'm not going to debate that on my blog....) Messed her up. Now she's married and has been trying for YEARS (9 exactly!) to have a baby. They have spend so much money there is none left to pursue adoption with. And she would be a GOOD mom! And the other Mindy.....hope you don't mind being lumped in here.... It's your turn!!!! This was supposed to be the year for you and Lisa. God bless her, I'm so glad she's got those two little buns cooking... Now it was supposed to be your turn.... anyway, better quit while I'm ahead with this one.....

So now I'm off to sears to get that remote. Leaving hubby in charge of the kids and supper while i'm gone!!! hahaha Hey, mom needs a while out every so often!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Just a day

Okay, it's day 2 of my blog. Didn't think I would even get this far. So how about a "day in the life" for today?

So last night I stayed up too late. Even tried to play the wii thing with Bryan...he kicked my a@@ in tennis. WTF? He doesn't even know how to play tennis! So at right about 11 nick woke up...he was sleeping on a blanket in zack's room-that's the new thing at our house. Nick has to be in the nursery while I'm nursing zack to sleep. Then he falls asleep and I'm supposed to pick him up and carry him to bed, of course. Right. If the kid's asleep, he's staying asleep right where he is. But anyway, he woke up calling for me and of course woke Z up also. So bryan took nick to bed and I got zack back to sleep. Until 1, when he woke up again. And 33o, when he woke up again. I never got back to bed. Stayed in that stupid rocking chair until 630 when we all got up. Of course, did I actually sleep??? Not so much. So anyway, that was the start of the day. So we're all up, and I'm making blueberry pancakes for the kids. It's my day off, so they don't have to eat the instant oatmeal that dad feeds them every morning. Anyway, so it's getting close to school time....where's nick's bag, coat, hat, gloves, shoes?????? Dad runs around like a chicken with his head cut off. And they're late. Again. Great way to start the new year.

So Zack and I are here at home. Good for us. I get to start my day (off) by cleaning up the kitchen, and of course the baby. And let the dogs out and back in. Puppy (stupid!) has to be on a tie-out cable. She digs under the fence. Great fun for all! So back to the cleaning. After cleaning kitchen, unloading and reloading dishwasher, cleaning and redressing baby, I start putting away his clean clothes. Find some of Nicks. Go to his room to put them up. Decide (?!) to clean out his closet. The child now has no clothes. Yep, everything was too small. Cleaned out the dressers, his desk, bookcase.... Got rid of lots of CRAP that I could never have convinced him to part with. Anyway, now I have a sleepy baby. But school gets out at 1045, so we can't nap yet. Get out the vaccuum (don't you just love that word? Mine is great...a purple dyson...LOVE it!) which zack loves. We clean all the bedrooms. Now he is really tired. No way I can keep him awake until time for school to get out. Go to his room and nurse down for a quick nap. Go clean both upstairs bathrooms while he sleeps. Oh yeah, throw another load of laundry in while I'm grabbing cleaning stuff. Now it's time to go get nick. Actually, we're late. As usual. He's the last kid sitting there waiting. Poor baby. On the way back home my mom calls. "Where are we?" Same place at 11 am every day off. Going back home from school. (he stays in the "daycare" side after pre-K on the days I work...unless she decided to go pick him up). Anyway, back to the call. "Come for lunch." As if I have time.... But dutiful daughter I am, we go over there. Stay for about an hour and the blessed baby starts acting tired again. Good boy! Excuse to leave! Now I'm not trying to be ungrateful, but I have mountains of stuff to do at home!!! So back in the van and back across town to home. Let the dogs out and in again. Now Zack is playing with the puppy, so he's forgotten he's tired. Do another load of laundry. Put away some more clothes in nicks closet (whew, forgot he had some dirty clothes....doesn't look quite so empty in his closet now!). Clean up dog pee. Sweep the whole downstairs. Mop the whole downstairs. Keep baby out of mop bucket. See stranger walking slowly up and down block. Call police. Realize it is new neighbor from up the block, maybe writing down people's names and addresses? Call police back, just as cruiser shows up in front of house. Thankfully they don't actually point me (or my house out). Looks like just a friendly chat. Yeah, on a cul-de-sac. Cops cruise our street all the time. Man probably wonders what kind of a crazy neighborhood they moved into! Back to cleaning. More dog pee. More mopping. Now zack is tired again. Switch over laundry again, take baby up and rock/nurse down to nap. Come back downstairs and clean like a crazy woman. Kitchen and downstairs bathroom this time. Nick helps by dusting the living room and dining room furniture. His future wife will thank me! Make him a snack, get out "moon sand", let dogs out and back in. Again. Fold/hang more laundry. Wash more laundry. Clean laundry room. Start fire in fireplace in basement for nick to play down there. Doesn't work. Call Bryan for help. Try again. Doesn't work. Tell nick to play upstairs. Squash impending temper tantrum by telling daddy all about the police cars. Pick up toys in living room and put in categories in laundry room on shelves. Feed fish, wishing they would all float and stinky tank could go away. Start DVD for nick. Clean up his snack. Have snack for myself, so i can take antibiotic I forgot to take in morning. Hear zack wake up. Take more laundry upstairs and fold towels with his "help" :-). Back downstairs. Sit. Watch kids watch tv ("your baby can read!"). Watch kids string toys all over living room that I just cleaned. Sigh and start supper. Greet husband at front door with hug and kiss (HA!!!!!). Hand husband stinky poopy baby and tell him to give him a bath. Feed everyone a wonderful meal of "hamburger helper" and applesauce. (don't even go there.....) Clean up supper, put nick in PJ's. He doesn't want a bath tonight. Who cares? Brush teeth (the kids), make nick's 'blanket bed' in zack's room, and rock zack to sleep. Fall asleep myself. Wake up at 8 to take own shower and put on PJ's. Last load of laundry in. Write in stupid blog. Take last load of laundry upstairs. Get out scrubs so they won't be took wrinkled for work tomorrow. Leave rest of clothes in basket for husband to put away tomorrow (HA!). Oh, and clean up house slipper that (stupid!) puppy has chewed up on the stairs while i typed. Go to bed.

Sounds fun, doesn't it. Just my typical day. All kinds of fun and excitement over here in missouri! Oh, and let's now forget. Today was my day OFF!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

My first blog

Okay, here it first "blog" entry. Who comes up with this stuff, anyway? I mean, who had time to sit in front of their box (excuse me to all of you techies out there who love computers!) and decide there needed to be a whole new way to communicate with the outside world? Anyway, back to the subject at hand...I decided to try something new for the new year. And hopefully this will save me a little grief in the process. You see, I'm a pretty mean person. I'm really opinionated, extremely judgemental, and very short tempered. My coworkers and my husband are the exact opposites of me. So I manage to shock and amaze them on a daily basis. Maybe here, in the anonymity of cyberspace I can get out some of that "inner me" and she won't follow me around all the time! Only time will tell.

So anyway, what do we do in this "blog" world? Do I just rant (oh, I'm about my day? Hmmmm, pretty clasic way to start. Today was a really strange day at my house. First of all, I've been sick for a full month. Yes, it started right around Thanksgiving and is still hanging on. So finally I decided yesterday that I'd had enough. After work I went down and checked myself into convenient care for treatment. Bronchitis. Bad. 2 hours, 2 breathing treatments, and a chest xray later I left for home. First stopped off at mom and dads to pick up the boys. While I was there the shakes hit. The RT had warned me about them, and boy was he right! I was so jittery I just had to sit on the couch for a while. Then the chills came back. I was watching the clock thinking that maybe bryan was coming home early, but no such luck. Late as usual (when i need him, that is!!!). Anyway, we finally made it home and he gave the boys their bath while I took a nice hot shower. Oh, took my temp before the shower....103.4. There's the reason I felt like crap!!! Anyway, I had fever and chills all night....bad enough that I didn't go to work today...and get this, neither did Bryan! He actually stayed home to take care of me! That's a first. Seriously, even after the boys were born. He brings me home from the hospital, and BOOM right back to work. So anyway, this is a strange day at our house. I actually took a nap, and haven't really done anything all day. Obviously feeling much better already...I use the inhaler 4x per day, take a dose of prednisone, and 2 of augmentin. Pretty weak antibiotic, I know, but I'm still nursing Z, so that's about all I can take.

So here I am typing away. At 930. I'm always in bed by now. The dogs are looking at me like I'm crazy. It's usally bryan sitting here until midnight, and I'm upstairs passed out with the kids. I keep listening for Zack on the monitor, but he's sleeping pretty good tonight. I might not be "beckoned" until around 11. That gives me time to get a shower and do some laundry, yeah! Oh, the life of the married with children. But I wouldn't give them up for anything, so I guess I'll just make the best of it (yep, just like every other tired mom in america!!!!)! Enough for now. This was kind of fun, maybe I'll do it again someday!