Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beautiful morning

It is a BEAUTIFUL Tuesday morning in Cape. Zachary and I just returned from a visit to Dr Olson (the dx is a bad cold!), and Z is now down taking a nap. Poor little guy has felt so rotten for the past few days, I decided to take him in this morning. Now at least we know it is nothing serious...just something we have to live through for a few more days! Nicholas had a visit thursday at school from Ms Connie, the educational consultant that we hired. She phoned Sunday evening, and luckily she thinks that his "problems" will be easily overcome. She had several suggestions that we could implement immediately, and a few others that we will do over time. We are hoping to be able to meet Friday after school with our principal, kindergarten teacher, and Connie, to discuss her findings. Please pray with us that the school (mainly our teacher!) will be open to her suggestions. We don't want to move him away from Trinity, but if they won't help us meet his needs, we may have to. In a nutshell, Connie says that Nick is a very "tactile" learner, and the the current teaching methods aren't really reaching to him. She thinks he may have a visual processing deficit, which we will be getting checked out by a specialist. Also, he seems to have a motor processing issue, which she thinks some more OT will help overcome. Basicially, we need some time to focus on what is causing his problems, so that he won't get discouraged at school. LUCKILY, she agreed with me, that removing him from kindergarten would NOT be the correct thing to do. He understands, and is learning, but the way our teacher teaches is not really good for him. More importantly, he is socially well adjusted, follows directions, and is enjoying school. Her professional opinion is that removing him from class would definitely do much more harm than good! Yeah! Mom was right! We are hiring a tutor, and hopefully she will be able to go to school, and help him there. Another thought is for her to come to school right after dismissal, and do the work in an empty classroom for an hour or so, a couple days per week. We want there to be some separation between school and home, so that he doesn't get too overwhelmed. Again, we'll be discussing this Friday.....

Today, however, we plan to enjoy the afternoon outside after school. It's almost fall!!! My favorite time of year!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Still working....

On that paper!!! It was due yesterday, and I still have a lot to go! Nick is sitting behind me at Bryan's computer watching WonderPets, and I keep getting distracted! ha! (I kind of miss the wiggles these days...singing ducks and turtles are a little harder to watch!!!) Lacie, our new kitty, is hanging out here in the office with us, and Bryan, Zack, and the dogs are out in the living room watching the Polar Express (I know, it's only september....!). I need to get on the ball and get halloween costumes lined out, and even start getting ready for Christmas. I'm off this year, so mom and I have to decide who is cooking...

that's about all for today...it's blessedly boring at our house tonight. I love nights like this.... :-)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Another Monday!

Why do I dislike Monday so much? I think part of it (when I've been off the weekend) is that I just don't want to leave the boys. The guilt is a bit better since Nick has started kindergarten, but I miss my zacky so much! And Monday is such a hectic day....Nick has tae-kwon-do after school, so it's pretty late before we all get home. Oh, and I guess I always procrastinate doing my homework until Monday night, also. (like tonight! ha!)

Other than that, it's just a usual day around here. Nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary. I've come to appreciate that!!! The dogs behaved today while we were gone (no more torn up carpet...we won't even go there!), the dishes are all put away, the laundry is running, the kids are bathed, fed, and in jammies...I just still have that paper to write. I don't want to! I have this stupid mental block about it, and I'm just going to have to get over it and start writing. I know that. (I feel like I'm in high school again!!!) Well, that's for later....

What is going on with my friends? Adrienne is still in shock with her news of baby #3 on the way! congrats!!! My prayers (for what it's worth!) are with Nadia and Uylee with the loss of his father, and thanksgiving for their little #2 coming in march...they are in such a difficult place right now, and I wish I could be there with them to help... Steph is helping her little man deal with the loss of his beloved grandma-it's so hard on the children to deal with death...he missed her so much! For thanks and praise, there is Tracie's beautiful baby girl (their 3rd blessing!), and the anticipation of Mindy's little girl! Yeah! She made it! No preterm labor for that little munchkin!!! Just waiting to meet her! :-) My dear friend Cheryl has been named Zonta club 'woman of the year'--she is so very dedicated to helping women breastfeed their little ones! She's such a sweetheart!!! And, for now at least, all is going well at work. I'm back in my department, and we are plunging forward with some new ideas we got at our seminar last week. Dad is doing well, and getting stronger everyday.

Now, it's time to put my little buggers to bed, and then get started on that paper! Transitional leadership...wonder if I will ever be able to utilize what I'm learning about???? Maybe at least in the PTL!!! ha!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Zack's and Dr Uhls...his first photo!

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Beautiful (almost!) Fall day

It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside today! Mid 70's (about 5 degrees above my optimal, but still nice!!!), sunny, breezy...and I can't let Nick go outside and play. Gee, do I feel like a bad mom! His allergies are so bad right now that I just can't risk it. Poor kid was up half the night coughing. I started giving him his Zyrtec again, with a little Histinix for his cough. Hopefully he will rest better tonight, and be all ready for school tomorrow! We are getting ready to make a run out to the mall--hopefully that will cheer him up a little bit. A cookie or pretzel should do the trick!!! ;-) We have a department store that is closing, so I thought I'd run by just to see if they have anything good on clearance... I wasn't planning to clothes shop this weekend, but I hate to miss any good bargains! We're trying to be on more of a budget these days, since we will have quite the bill from Zack's teeth, and the educational consultant we hired for Nick! It will be worth it though, if she can help him out with school!

Speaking of school....I have been procrastinating SO MUCH!!! I have a HUGE paper due...tomorrow...that I haven't even started on. Don't even know what it is supposed to be about. I think, just maybe, I might be turning this one in late! There has just been so much going on in the "rest" of my life these days.... Beginning to wonder if I'll graduate or not....?

Off to other things.....