Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our loss

This was a hard weekend. A monster (in our neighborhood!) killed our dog. Here is the link...story and video. The police won't even respond to me...I'm so mad I could spit. I'll take any advice you all have. We have a suspect...another neighbor came over after the story aired on the news and said he got an almost identical note, but his was signed. The "suspect" is a mail carrier, so I think his prints should be on file somewhere (right? a federal employee?) If the police won't fingerprint the pan that the antifreeze is in, my friend's husband (a college forensics teacher) said that he would. But do you think that would hold up in court? My idea is that if the police won't press charges, and we can get these prints off the container (and they match his), then we could have a civil suit against him. Let it go to a jury...I think the facts would be on our side.

Family Concerned Over Dog Poisoning A Cape Girardeau family feels uneasy in their own close knit neighborhood. This, after the shocking death of their German Shepard, Lola.