Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Our loss

This was a hard weekend. A monster (in our neighborhood!) killed our dog. Here is the link...story and video. The police won't even respond to me...I'm so mad I could spit. I'll take any advice you all have. We have a suspect...another neighbor came over after the story aired on the news and said he got an almost identical note, but his was signed. The "suspect" is a mail carrier, so I think his prints should be on file somewhere (right? a federal employee?) If the police won't fingerprint the pan that the antifreeze is in, my friend's husband (a college forensics teacher) said that he would. But do you think that would hold up in court? My idea is that if the police won't press charges, and we can get these prints off the container (and they match his), then we could have a civil suit against him. Let it go to a jury...I think the facts would be on our side.

Family Concerned Over Dog Poisoning A Cape Girardeau family feels uneasy in their own close knit neighborhood. This, after the shocking death of their German Shepard, Lola.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Can kindergarten really be this tough???

WOW! I don't remember kindergarten being this hard when I was 5! My poor little Nick has been having problems since the beginning of the year...his teacher has requested that we remove him from class, but I said no ;-) ! We've met with an independent consultant who specialized in autism (that's not his problem at least!), and went for an occupational therapy evaluation last week. The concensus is that he has a vision related processing disorder, which is causing him to have difficulties understanding what his teacher is showing him. We found a tutor who is a former special education teacher to work with him twice each week after school, and we will be going to OT twice each week to try to help his processing improve. Add tae-kwon-do twice a week, and that equals a busy little man! And mommy is just about as stretched! I volunteered for "room mother" for his class, and have to coordinate all of our parties and field trips. Add to that working on our class scrapbook, class quilt (I guess I'll learn how to quilt!), and class "basket" for the dinner auction and I feel a bit overwhelmed, too! It takes so much to keep a private school running!! Now I feel even stronger about private school tax vouchers!

So, what else? Pictures tomorrow evening...Zack's 2 year, Nick's 6 year, Christmas, and hopefully a fun one of the boys (even daddy) together. Something to go up on the wall with my special pic with the boys when Z was a little baby. Got a great coupon from JCpenney...can't let it go to waste!!! ;-)

Class starts back's been a great 2 weeks off. Work is getting crazier by the day, but at least bryan is helping out much more at home now. Memphis was great, the kids loved the zoo, and we will DEFINATELY be going back! Now its time for some Zzzzzzz's!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Done with another class!!!

YEAH!!! It's over! Transitional Leadership is behind me! I just finished up my last paper...1229 at night, but it's only 1029 Phoenix time! I have a whole week off now, just to catch up with the boys and try to get the house cleaned up. We're going to Memphis to celebrate Zack's birthday, and our 10th wedding anniversary...leaving Friday morning and coming back Sunday night. It should be monkeys love the saint louis zoo, so I'm sure they will love the memphis zoo! Can't wait to see a real live panda!!! And we're going to ride the "duck", take a riverboat cruise, ride the trolley, and of course see the peabody (real) ducks. I'm still searching for a "thomas the tank" cake pan for z's birthday cake...I might have to resort to cutting and piecing a train together (doesn't that sound fun???). Nick has early out on Thursday, Bryan is coming home early, and I have the whole day off with my guys. Can't wait!!! Now, if I can just make it through tomorrow on 3 hours of sleep.....

Oh, can't forget....Congrats to mindy, paul, hailey and cain!!! I can't wait to see pictures of baby CJ!!!!! Post them soon!!!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


That is what I want my marriage to be! We (Bryan and I) went to see the movie this afternoon...the first time we've been to a movie since before Nick was born (seriously!). I thought it was great...I highly recommend it to anyone who is married, has been married, or is planning to get married! So, how does it relate to us?? Well, I think Bryan and I are about at the point where Caleb and Catherine were, except for the "internet" issue that he had. We won't get divorced...I know that...but it doesn't make it any easier to live in a basically loveless marriage. We love our children, and we are committed to the marriage vows that we took-but I don't think that there is very much LOVE left between us, anymore. We irritate each other, we argue, we just don't see "eye to eye" about anything. I know that we're not on the same page with our faith, and maybe that's the problem. I'm not where I need to be, but at least I know it, and want to change for the better. Bryan just isn't interested. Sure, he'll take Nick to church, but only so he can sign his paper on Monday morning for attendance. I really miss being involved in a church family, and having that support and fellowship. We go almost every week, but it's just there and home. We barely know anyone in our church, and we definitely don't get any fellowship out of it. But, at least Bryan will go now....that only started when Nick started kindergarten! I guess I should be thankful for at least that much from him. So, is that really what's wrong with our marriage? I'm not sure. I'm just so very disappointed in how our life has turned out. I am, of course, very thankful for my sweet little boys. I love them with all of my heart and soul, and wouldn't trade anything for this opportunity that I have been given, to be their mommy. BUT, before we even decided to have a child, Bryan and I decided that I would stay home, or at the most work part time while they were little. He was getting a master's degree, and would get a good enough job to support us. That's how I was raised, and that's how I wanted to raise my kids. That, of course, hasn't worked out! Instead, I'M the "breadwinner" of our family. I have responsibility for the majority of the bills, the insurances, the investments...HOW did that happen??? It's just not what I wanted!!! I wanted to be taken care of, not the other way around! And the worst part is, that he LETS it stay this way. He's so very resigned to being in his crappy job for the rest of his life! Granted, every time he tries he gets doors slammed in his face, but isn't there SOMETHING that he could do different???? I've gone back to school! I've worked out of town in order to better our situation. Do you think that HE would drive back and forth to saint louis everyday for work??? Heck no! But it was sure fine if I did, especially since I made so much more money than down here! Bryan will let me do anything to better our situation, but he won't even try to. There is no way for me to actually believe that 10 years after his college graduation, he really can't find a job, if he would have really tried. People get new jobs EVERYDAY!!!! I've had 6 jobs since we've been married, and improved my situation with each one. Now I'm back in school AGAIN to try to move my way up some more. It sucks. I can't depend on him for anything. And, he doesn't even try to make it better. Maybe if things were different at home, then I could deal with the job situation better. What I wouldn't give, for him to just come up to me sometime and hug me. Just to sit and listen to me, about how my day was, or how school is going. Anytime I want help around the house I have to nag, nag, nag... He can't see that the laundry hamper is overflowing, or that dishes are in the sink. He forgets to pack Nick's lunch, sends him to school without his belt (incomplete uniform!), doesn't feed the dogs.... I know that I could do all those things, but sometimes I just need some help! I mean, on Tae-kwon-do days (monday and wednesday) I don't even get home until after 5. That's almost 12 hours! I'm tired...I don't want to come home and do laundry and cook dinner...but I have to, if we're going to have clean clothes and food!!! UGHHH. And he wonders why I'm unhappy!

Anyway, enough ranting. He's faithful, and he's a good father. Maybe I should be satisfied with that. I'm sure there are people with much worse husbands! But I still can't help hoping that someday, something will get better.....

Check out the movie, if you haven't yet.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beautiful morning

It is a BEAUTIFUL Tuesday morning in Cape. Zachary and I just returned from a visit to Dr Olson (the dx is a bad cold!), and Z is now down taking a nap. Poor little guy has felt so rotten for the past few days, I decided to take him in this morning. Now at least we know it is nothing serious...just something we have to live through for a few more days! Nicholas had a visit thursday at school from Ms Connie, the educational consultant that we hired. She phoned Sunday evening, and luckily she thinks that his "problems" will be easily overcome. She had several suggestions that we could implement immediately, and a few others that we will do over time. We are hoping to be able to meet Friday after school with our principal, kindergarten teacher, and Connie, to discuss her findings. Please pray with us that the school (mainly our teacher!) will be open to her suggestions. We don't want to move him away from Trinity, but if they won't help us meet his needs, we may have to. In a nutshell, Connie says that Nick is a very "tactile" learner, and the the current teaching methods aren't really reaching to him. She thinks he may have a visual processing deficit, which we will be getting checked out by a specialist. Also, he seems to have a motor processing issue, which she thinks some more OT will help overcome. Basicially, we need some time to focus on what is causing his problems, so that he won't get discouraged at school. LUCKILY, she agreed with me, that removing him from kindergarten would NOT be the correct thing to do. He understands, and is learning, but the way our teacher teaches is not really good for him. More importantly, he is socially well adjusted, follows directions, and is enjoying school. Her professional opinion is that removing him from class would definitely do much more harm than good! Yeah! Mom was right! We are hiring a tutor, and hopefully she will be able to go to school, and help him there. Another thought is for her to come to school right after dismissal, and do the work in an empty classroom for an hour or so, a couple days per week. We want there to be some separation between school and home, so that he doesn't get too overwhelmed. Again, we'll be discussing this Friday.....

Today, however, we plan to enjoy the afternoon outside after school. It's almost fall!!! My favorite time of year!!!!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Still working....

On that paper!!! It was due yesterday, and I still have a lot to go! Nick is sitting behind me at Bryan's computer watching WonderPets, and I keep getting distracted! ha! (I kind of miss the wiggles these days...singing ducks and turtles are a little harder to watch!!!) Lacie, our new kitty, is hanging out here in the office with us, and Bryan, Zack, and the dogs are out in the living room watching the Polar Express (I know, it's only september....!). I need to get on the ball and get halloween costumes lined out, and even start getting ready for Christmas. I'm off this year, so mom and I have to decide who is cooking...

that's about all for's blessedly boring at our house tonight. I love nights like this.... :-)

Monday, September 22, 2008

Another Monday!

Why do I dislike Monday so much? I think part of it (when I've been off the weekend) is that I just don't want to leave the boys. The guilt is a bit better since Nick has started kindergarten, but I miss my zacky so much! And Monday is such a hectic day....Nick has tae-kwon-do after school, so it's pretty late before we all get home. Oh, and I guess I always procrastinate doing my homework until Monday night, also. (like tonight! ha!)

Other than that, it's just a usual day around here. Nothing special, nothing out of the ordinary. I've come to appreciate that!!! The dogs behaved today while we were gone (no more torn up carpet...we won't even go there!), the dishes are all put away, the laundry is running, the kids are bathed, fed, and in jammies...I just still have that paper to write. I don't want to! I have this stupid mental block about it, and I'm just going to have to get over it and start writing. I know that. (I feel like I'm in high school again!!!) Well, that's for later....

What is going on with my friends? Adrienne is still in shock with her news of baby #3 on the way! congrats!!! My prayers (for what it's worth!) are with Nadia and Uylee with the loss of his father, and thanksgiving for their little #2 coming in march...they are in such a difficult place right now, and I wish I could be there with them to help... Steph is helping her little man deal with the loss of his beloved grandma-it's so hard on the children to deal with death...he missed her so much! For thanks and praise, there is Tracie's beautiful baby girl (their 3rd blessing!), and the anticipation of Mindy's little girl! Yeah! She made it! No preterm labor for that little munchkin!!! Just waiting to meet her! :-) My dear friend Cheryl has been named Zonta club 'woman of the year'--she is so very dedicated to helping women breastfeed their little ones! She's such a sweetheart!!! And, for now at least, all is going well at work. I'm back in my department, and we are plunging forward with some new ideas we got at our seminar last week. Dad is doing well, and getting stronger everyday.

Now, it's time to put my little buggers to bed, and then get started on that paper! Transitional leadership...wonder if I will ever be able to utilize what I'm learning about???? Maybe at least in the PTL!!! ha!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Zack's and Dr Uhls...his first photo!

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Beautiful (almost!) Fall day

It is absolutely BEAUTIFUL outside today! Mid 70's (about 5 degrees above my optimal, but still nice!!!), sunny, breezy...and I can't let Nick go outside and play. Gee, do I feel like a bad mom! His allergies are so bad right now that I just can't risk it. Poor kid was up half the night coughing. I started giving him his Zyrtec again, with a little Histinix for his cough. Hopefully he will rest better tonight, and be all ready for school tomorrow! We are getting ready to make a run out to the mall--hopefully that will cheer him up a little bit. A cookie or pretzel should do the trick!!! ;-) We have a department store that is closing, so I thought I'd run by just to see if they have anything good on clearance... I wasn't planning to clothes shop this weekend, but I hate to miss any good bargains! We're trying to be on more of a budget these days, since we will have quite the bill from Zack's teeth, and the educational consultant we hired for Nick! It will be worth it though, if she can help him out with school!

Speaking of school....I have been procrastinating SO MUCH!!! I have a HUGE paper due...tomorrow...that I haven't even started on. Don't even know what it is supposed to be about. I think, just maybe, I might be turning this one in late! There has just been so much going on in the "rest" of my life these days.... Beginning to wonder if I'll graduate or not....?

Off to other things.....

Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Okay, so my life is getting even better. Seriously. What could be better than sick kids, a crappy job, a dirty house, schoolwork that never quits, and a husband that must believe in the laundry/dirty dish fairy???? Well world, get this. Monday afternoon Zachary, sweet loving little lump of fat love, shoved his butt thermometer down my EAR! All the way. I was laying on the floor (sick!) and the boys were playing. I'd already had wooden blocks tossed on me, had trucks and cars driven over me, but I was thinking all was pretty much well. We were in the nursery, so there's nothing in there that can hurt Zack. Well, mom didn't realize he has now grown tall enough to reach the top of his changing station. Where i keep all the diaper stuff. You know, wipes, diapers, butt cream, and, of course, KY and the butt thermometer. He'd been sick just last week, so it was laying right there. But, of course, I didn't think he could reach that high. Boy, was I wrong. So, I guess he is sick, I'll take her temperature. How sweet...NOT!!!!! We use tympanics with Nick, so I'm sure he was just doing what he had seen me and dad do. Oh, the pain! Just searing right through my head. And then I'm laying there, thinking, I KNOW that did not just happen to me. I must be asleep, right. Sure, I'm dreaming... but then I reach up, and there is the good old vicks speedread just sticking out of my right ear. Now, can anyone out there explain just HOW things like this happen to me??? I mean, I watch my name is earl, so I know about KARMA, but I've never really screwed anyone over badly...certainly not stuck a thermometer in anyone's ear! So why me? And of course, I'm glad he did it to me, instead of himself, or his brother (or even the dog....actually even stupid dog). But WHY??? Ouch, it still hurts! So this is on top of the head congestion that I've already had for a week. Today I called in sick again, and went to my own GP. He says he thinks it's small enough to heal on it's own (monday there was too much blood in there for the ER to tell), and expect the dizziness to last for another week or so. But he gave me some decongestant to hopefully help with the pressure.

So, there's my week so far. Hope it helps all of you all out there feel just a little bit better about yours.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Am I in purgatory or what?

Okay, so the work thing is going bad. REALLY BAD! Word is out about my school, and my plans to "move on." To that end, the powers that be in the lab have decided to move me out of my department, and make me a "multitasker." He (idiot director) wants everyone to cross-train eventually, and I get to be the lucky one to try it first. CRAP! I like where I'm at. Everyone is nice back there (not necessarily smart, but fairly pleasant to work with...), we get along, we listen to the radio (although I'm usually outvoted and have to suffer with the country crap that the others listen to!), we talk, we get our work done with no problems. Tuesday I have to move out into the mainframe lab. CRAP! I hate it out there. It's noisy, it's hot, the people are idiots, the phone rings all the time.... And what do they tell me??? Well, apparently I'm a good multitasker, and that's why they are going to try this thing with me first. Again, CRAP! So being efficient has come around to bite me in the ass again! Needless to say, I've begun looking for another job. I'm still applying for the college of nursing job, but just in case, I have to start looking elsewhere. I've applied for a couple pharm sales jobs, and a chemistry job in industry, so we'll see what happens.

So school... Well, that's kicking my a@@ so far. It's not hard, but I haven't found a good time to fit it in yet. So, I've been staying up until midnight, 1am getting things turned in. And since I get up at 5 to get ready for work, and Z still nurses at about 2am (yeah, I know...he's 16 months...he'll give it up someday...), I've gotten about 4 hours of sleep all weekend. That combined with

I'M SICK!!!! SICK, SICK, SICK!!!! Nick has the stinking flu, and I think he gave it to me. He was running 104/105 Thursday night (so I was up ALL NIGHT!!!!), and still has around 102. It's not the pukey flu, thank God, just the respiratory kind. Yeah right, JUST the respiratory kind. He and I can both barely swallow, have a cough you can hear down the block (and of course, after 2 kids I pee on myself half the time when I cough!!!), and ache EVERYWHERE! And of course I had to work all weekend. Fun. At least, so far, Z hasn't caught it. I'm crossing everything I can cross that he won't. And I think Nick is finally turning the corner. He was up playing a bit this afternoon, and actually ate some supper. Maybe this week will be better than last.

So, I'm off to "school" now. I have to do an assignment about communication. I think it will be pretty easy, just takes some time. At least I'm starting it now, instead of 10pm! Dad is doing bath tonight, so by the time Z is ready for bed, I should be done. Then I can actually go to bed at a decent hour!!!!! YEAH DADDY!!!! Sometimes he comes through for me after all! :-)

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Blog, blog, blog

So I haven't done this for a while. And my life is so exciting that I'm sure the thousands of followers of my blog cried into their pillows nightly... Yeah, right. So what's been going on? Well, didn't get the job I interviewed for, but another opportunity has come my way that might be even better. I am enrolled to start my master's degree later this month through the University of Phoenix (high dollar, but very convenient!). To that end, I will be preparing to to become director of our hospital's School of Medical Technology. The current director will be retiring in 2 1/2 years and has requested an assistant to begin training to take her place. That's where I come in. She hasn't formally posted the position, but will be soon. Then it will begin in June. Hopefully I will get it...I'm not sure who else will apply but at least there is a shot. I don't really want to work midnights, but I will if I have to if that's the only way to stay away from holidays!

Something else new...along the education lines... I decided to become a lactation consultant. Why? Because people in this country are stupid and need education. We had our monthly breastfeeding support group yesterday, and only 1 person showed up. Really. Cheryl the LC, me, and 1 mom. WTF? Are there really only 2 breastfeeding moms in this whole city?!!! So anyway, the LC and I had a good talk...this is something I've been interested in for a long time, and she's looking at starting a community group that I could be a part of. Besides, more education and certification will just make me more credible even in the support group. So, after 2500 practical hours, I can take the exam to be an internationally board certified lactation consultant (IBCLC). Wish me luck!!!!!

So what else...Z had RSV--again. Had it last year this same time. He's pretty much better now, but we had a rough couple days. Had to put Nick back on allergy medicine, but that's going pretty good so far... Stupid the dog is still stupid. Still peeing on my carpet and chewing things up. Dumb dog.

Oh yeah, we had a big ice storm here last week. Seriously big. Trees down, power out (like for 3 days for some people!), streets just big sheets of ice! I couldn't get all the way home on monday (when it started), but on tuesday when I came home the neighbor actually hooked onto my van and towed me up the hill, right to my driveway! Bless his heart! I didn't have to scrape the next morning. Because why???....I work in a stupid hospital and had to go to work anyway! Poor career choice. Bryan got to stay home all week. Oh well, what's important is that no trees fell on the house (2 just missed the neighbor behind us!!!! the limbs are actually right on their deck!), we didn't lose power, and I didn't wreck going back and forth to work! Most of it is gone now. It rained today and got warm enough to wash most everything away.

So that's life right about now. Not a lot going on...or at least not a lot that's really exciting! I think I'm giving myself more work than I can handle, but I've been there before! Getting ready to have a baby shower for V, and host our first "neighborhood" party. Sure, that's going to happen. I've been trying for a month to get the invitations made! (for both parties! think I'll be ordering them...)

Time to put baby to bed....and tomorrow is the much anticipated DAY OFF!!!!!!!! Oh the fun that awaits in my laundry room and toilets........!!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Another day in paradise...

Oh the blessed "weekend off!" And it's Sunday afternoon and I haven't done a thing that needed doing in my house! I hate working weekends. The only good thing about it is that it means on less day each week that the kids are away from home. Nick hates daycare so much I would work every weekend if it would keep him away from there, but it still wouldn't. Zack is fine with my mom and dad, but let's face it, they need a break sometimes too! So back to the weekend. We had plans...BIG plans. So far I haven't accomplished much. I went baby shopping with a friend yesterday and got Nick some new clothes (Gymboree had a big sale!!!), put away all of the "new" clothes in Zack's closet that used to be Nicks, did a LOT of laundry, and actually managed to cook all the meals at home so far this weekend. That's a lot for me. We went to church this morning...again, a big accomplishment for our household! Left on the agenda is getting a new garage door opener (just the little remote part...Nick lost mine), cleaning out the office and moving my desk back in (right now it's in our bedroom and that's not working for me at all!), making the weeks meal schedule, and paying some bills. Also (big news!!!) I need to find time to work on my resume. I applied for a job back in the early part of December and never heard anything about it....assumed they weren't interested, but found out that they couldn't find me in the hospital email system (I'm still in there under my maiden name). Anyway, long story short, I now have an interview on the 21st. YIKES! I haven't had an interview in a very long time! So I have to brush up my resume to reflect that I am indeed qualified to be the new "Director of Infection Control" at our hospital. YIKES again, director of a whole department...what am I thinking????? What I'm thinking is that I don't want to work Christmas again....ever. This really gets into a sticky mess though, because just last week...Tuesday...I accepted a position as midnight shift supervisor in the lab. I would never have said yes if I thought this other job was still in the works. So now tomorrow i have to go in and explain that "yes" I still want that job, IF this job doesn't come through. That's pretty crappy of me, isn't it? Oh well, watch me wind up with neither of them!!!! At least I'll get next christmas off......

So what's new in the rest of the world? Babies everywhere! A girl on my forum is having her third, my best friend is having a BOY, and the neighbor girl across the street just had a little girl this morning. And yes, I said neighbor "girl." This I don't understand....why can the young, unmarried and unready get pregnant and have great easy pregnancies, when there are other married women (I know, marriage isn't everything, but you know what I mean) who try and try every month and can't conceive? Never have figured that out. I have a good friend who had a pregnancy while she was in high school and had an abortion. (i think it's wrong, but i'm not going to debate that on my blog....) Messed her up. Now she's married and has been trying for YEARS (9 exactly!) to have a baby. They have spend so much money there is none left to pursue adoption with. And she would be a GOOD mom! And the other Mindy.....hope you don't mind being lumped in here.... It's your turn!!!! This was supposed to be the year for you and Lisa. God bless her, I'm so glad she's got those two little buns cooking... Now it was supposed to be your turn.... anyway, better quit while I'm ahead with this one.....

So now I'm off to sears to get that remote. Leaving hubby in charge of the kids and supper while i'm gone!!! hahaha Hey, mom needs a while out every so often!!!

Friday, January 4, 2008

Just a day

Okay, it's day 2 of my blog. Didn't think I would even get this far. So how about a "day in the life" for today?

So last night I stayed up too late. Even tried to play the wii thing with Bryan...he kicked my a@@ in tennis. WTF? He doesn't even know how to play tennis! So at right about 11 nick woke up...he was sleeping on a blanket in zack's room-that's the new thing at our house. Nick has to be in the nursery while I'm nursing zack to sleep. Then he falls asleep and I'm supposed to pick him up and carry him to bed, of course. Right. If the kid's asleep, he's staying asleep right where he is. But anyway, he woke up calling for me and of course woke Z up also. So bryan took nick to bed and I got zack back to sleep. Until 1, when he woke up again. And 33o, when he woke up again. I never got back to bed. Stayed in that stupid rocking chair until 630 when we all got up. Of course, did I actually sleep??? Not so much. So anyway, that was the start of the day. So we're all up, and I'm making blueberry pancakes for the kids. It's my day off, so they don't have to eat the instant oatmeal that dad feeds them every morning. Anyway, so it's getting close to school time....where's nick's bag, coat, hat, gloves, shoes?????? Dad runs around like a chicken with his head cut off. And they're late. Again. Great way to start the new year.

So Zack and I are here at home. Good for us. I get to start my day (off) by cleaning up the kitchen, and of course the baby. And let the dogs out and back in. Puppy (stupid!) has to be on a tie-out cable. She digs under the fence. Great fun for all! So back to the cleaning. After cleaning kitchen, unloading and reloading dishwasher, cleaning and redressing baby, I start putting away his clean clothes. Find some of Nicks. Go to his room to put them up. Decide (?!) to clean out his closet. The child now has no clothes. Yep, everything was too small. Cleaned out the dressers, his desk, bookcase.... Got rid of lots of CRAP that I could never have convinced him to part with. Anyway, now I have a sleepy baby. But school gets out at 1045, so we can't nap yet. Get out the vaccuum (don't you just love that word? Mine is great...a purple dyson...LOVE it!) which zack loves. We clean all the bedrooms. Now he is really tired. No way I can keep him awake until time for school to get out. Go to his room and nurse down for a quick nap. Go clean both upstairs bathrooms while he sleeps. Oh yeah, throw another load of laundry in while I'm grabbing cleaning stuff. Now it's time to go get nick. Actually, we're late. As usual. He's the last kid sitting there waiting. Poor baby. On the way back home my mom calls. "Where are we?" Same place at 11 am every day off. Going back home from school. (he stays in the "daycare" side after pre-K on the days I work...unless she decided to go pick him up). Anyway, back to the call. "Come for lunch." As if I have time.... But dutiful daughter I am, we go over there. Stay for about an hour and the blessed baby starts acting tired again. Good boy! Excuse to leave! Now I'm not trying to be ungrateful, but I have mountains of stuff to do at home!!! So back in the van and back across town to home. Let the dogs out and in again. Now Zack is playing with the puppy, so he's forgotten he's tired. Do another load of laundry. Put away some more clothes in nicks closet (whew, forgot he had some dirty clothes....doesn't look quite so empty in his closet now!). Clean up dog pee. Sweep the whole downstairs. Mop the whole downstairs. Keep baby out of mop bucket. See stranger walking slowly up and down block. Call police. Realize it is new neighbor from up the block, maybe writing down people's names and addresses? Call police back, just as cruiser shows up in front of house. Thankfully they don't actually point me (or my house out). Looks like just a friendly chat. Yeah, on a cul-de-sac. Cops cruise our street all the time. Man probably wonders what kind of a crazy neighborhood they moved into! Back to cleaning. More dog pee. More mopping. Now zack is tired again. Switch over laundry again, take baby up and rock/nurse down to nap. Come back downstairs and clean like a crazy woman. Kitchen and downstairs bathroom this time. Nick helps by dusting the living room and dining room furniture. His future wife will thank me! Make him a snack, get out "moon sand", let dogs out and back in. Again. Fold/hang more laundry. Wash more laundry. Clean laundry room. Start fire in fireplace in basement for nick to play down there. Doesn't work. Call Bryan for help. Try again. Doesn't work. Tell nick to play upstairs. Squash impending temper tantrum by telling daddy all about the police cars. Pick up toys in living room and put in categories in laundry room on shelves. Feed fish, wishing they would all float and stinky tank could go away. Start DVD for nick. Clean up his snack. Have snack for myself, so i can take antibiotic I forgot to take in morning. Hear zack wake up. Take more laundry upstairs and fold towels with his "help" :-). Back downstairs. Sit. Watch kids watch tv ("your baby can read!"). Watch kids string toys all over living room that I just cleaned. Sigh and start supper. Greet husband at front door with hug and kiss (HA!!!!!). Hand husband stinky poopy baby and tell him to give him a bath. Feed everyone a wonderful meal of "hamburger helper" and applesauce. (don't even go there.....) Clean up supper, put nick in PJ's. He doesn't want a bath tonight. Who cares? Brush teeth (the kids), make nick's 'blanket bed' in zack's room, and rock zack to sleep. Fall asleep myself. Wake up at 8 to take own shower and put on PJ's. Last load of laundry in. Write in stupid blog. Take last load of laundry upstairs. Get out scrubs so they won't be took wrinkled for work tomorrow. Leave rest of clothes in basket for husband to put away tomorrow (HA!). Oh, and clean up house slipper that (stupid!) puppy has chewed up on the stairs while i typed. Go to bed.

Sounds fun, doesn't it. Just my typical day. All kinds of fun and excitement over here in missouri! Oh, and let's now forget. Today was my day OFF!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

My first blog

Okay, here it first "blog" entry. Who comes up with this stuff, anyway? I mean, who had time to sit in front of their box (excuse me to all of you techies out there who love computers!) and decide there needed to be a whole new way to communicate with the outside world? Anyway, back to the subject at hand...I decided to try something new for the new year. And hopefully this will save me a little grief in the process. You see, I'm a pretty mean person. I'm really opinionated, extremely judgemental, and very short tempered. My coworkers and my husband are the exact opposites of me. So I manage to shock and amaze them on a daily basis. Maybe here, in the anonymity of cyberspace I can get out some of that "inner me" and she won't follow me around all the time! Only time will tell.

So anyway, what do we do in this "blog" world? Do I just rant (oh, I'm about my day? Hmmmm, pretty clasic way to start. Today was a really strange day at my house. First of all, I've been sick for a full month. Yes, it started right around Thanksgiving and is still hanging on. So finally I decided yesterday that I'd had enough. After work I went down and checked myself into convenient care for treatment. Bronchitis. Bad. 2 hours, 2 breathing treatments, and a chest xray later I left for home. First stopped off at mom and dads to pick up the boys. While I was there the shakes hit. The RT had warned me about them, and boy was he right! I was so jittery I just had to sit on the couch for a while. Then the chills came back. I was watching the clock thinking that maybe bryan was coming home early, but no such luck. Late as usual (when i need him, that is!!!). Anyway, we finally made it home and he gave the boys their bath while I took a nice hot shower. Oh, took my temp before the shower....103.4. There's the reason I felt like crap!!! Anyway, I had fever and chills all night....bad enough that I didn't go to work today...and get this, neither did Bryan! He actually stayed home to take care of me! That's a first. Seriously, even after the boys were born. He brings me home from the hospital, and BOOM right back to work. So anyway, this is a strange day at our house. I actually took a nap, and haven't really done anything all day. Obviously feeling much better already...I use the inhaler 4x per day, take a dose of prednisone, and 2 of augmentin. Pretty weak antibiotic, I know, but I'm still nursing Z, so that's about all I can take.

So here I am typing away. At 930. I'm always in bed by now. The dogs are looking at me like I'm crazy. It's usally bryan sitting here until midnight, and I'm upstairs passed out with the kids. I keep listening for Zack on the monitor, but he's sleeping pretty good tonight. I might not be "beckoned" until around 11. That gives me time to get a shower and do some laundry, yeah! Oh, the life of the married with children. But I wouldn't give them up for anything, so I guess I'll just make the best of it (yep, just like every other tired mom in america!!!!)! Enough for now. This was kind of fun, maybe I'll do it again someday!