Wednesday, March 5, 2008


Okay, so my life is getting even better. Seriously. What could be better than sick kids, a crappy job, a dirty house, schoolwork that never quits, and a husband that must believe in the laundry/dirty dish fairy???? Well world, get this. Monday afternoon Zachary, sweet loving little lump of fat love, shoved his butt thermometer down my EAR! All the way. I was laying on the floor (sick!) and the boys were playing. I'd already had wooden blocks tossed on me, had trucks and cars driven over me, but I was thinking all was pretty much well. We were in the nursery, so there's nothing in there that can hurt Zack. Well, mom didn't realize he has now grown tall enough to reach the top of his changing station. Where i keep all the diaper stuff. You know, wipes, diapers, butt cream, and, of course, KY and the butt thermometer. He'd been sick just last week, so it was laying right there. But, of course, I didn't think he could reach that high. Boy, was I wrong. So, I guess he is sick, I'll take her temperature. How sweet...NOT!!!!! We use tympanics with Nick, so I'm sure he was just doing what he had seen me and dad do. Oh, the pain! Just searing right through my head. And then I'm laying there, thinking, I KNOW that did not just happen to me. I must be asleep, right. Sure, I'm dreaming... but then I reach up, and there is the good old vicks speedread just sticking out of my right ear. Now, can anyone out there explain just HOW things like this happen to me??? I mean, I watch my name is earl, so I know about KARMA, but I've never really screwed anyone over badly...certainly not stuck a thermometer in anyone's ear! So why me? And of course, I'm glad he did it to me, instead of himself, or his brother (or even the dog....actually even stupid dog). But WHY??? Ouch, it still hurts! So this is on top of the head congestion that I've already had for a week. Today I called in sick again, and went to my own GP. He says he thinks it's small enough to heal on it's own (monday there was too much blood in there for the ER to tell), and expect the dizziness to last for another week or so. But he gave me some decongestant to hopefully help with the pressure.

So, there's my week so far. Hope it helps all of you all out there feel just a little bit better about yours.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Am I in purgatory or what?

Okay, so the work thing is going bad. REALLY BAD! Word is out about my school, and my plans to "move on." To that end, the powers that be in the lab have decided to move me out of my department, and make me a "multitasker." He (idiot director) wants everyone to cross-train eventually, and I get to be the lucky one to try it first. CRAP! I like where I'm at. Everyone is nice back there (not necessarily smart, but fairly pleasant to work with...), we get along, we listen to the radio (although I'm usually outvoted and have to suffer with the country crap that the others listen to!), we talk, we get our work done with no problems. Tuesday I have to move out into the mainframe lab. CRAP! I hate it out there. It's noisy, it's hot, the people are idiots, the phone rings all the time.... And what do they tell me??? Well, apparently I'm a good multitasker, and that's why they are going to try this thing with me first. Again, CRAP! So being efficient has come around to bite me in the ass again! Needless to say, I've begun looking for another job. I'm still applying for the college of nursing job, but just in case, I have to start looking elsewhere. I've applied for a couple pharm sales jobs, and a chemistry job in industry, so we'll see what happens.

So school... Well, that's kicking my a@@ so far. It's not hard, but I haven't found a good time to fit it in yet. So, I've been staying up until midnight, 1am getting things turned in. And since I get up at 5 to get ready for work, and Z still nurses at about 2am (yeah, I know...he's 16 months...he'll give it up someday...), I've gotten about 4 hours of sleep all weekend. That combined with

I'M SICK!!!! SICK, SICK, SICK!!!! Nick has the stinking flu, and I think he gave it to me. He was running 104/105 Thursday night (so I was up ALL NIGHT!!!!), and still has around 102. It's not the pukey flu, thank God, just the respiratory kind. Yeah right, JUST the respiratory kind. He and I can both barely swallow, have a cough you can hear down the block (and of course, after 2 kids I pee on myself half the time when I cough!!!), and ache EVERYWHERE! And of course I had to work all weekend. Fun. At least, so far, Z hasn't caught it. I'm crossing everything I can cross that he won't. And I think Nick is finally turning the corner. He was up playing a bit this afternoon, and actually ate some supper. Maybe this week will be better than last.

So, I'm off to "school" now. I have to do an assignment about communication. I think it will be pretty easy, just takes some time. At least I'm starting it now, instead of 10pm! Dad is doing bath tonight, so by the time Z is ready for bed, I should be done. Then I can actually go to bed at a decent hour!!!!! YEAH DADDY!!!! Sometimes he comes through for me after all! :-)