Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Beautiful morning

It is a BEAUTIFUL Tuesday morning in Cape. Zachary and I just returned from a visit to Dr Olson (the dx is a bad cold!), and Z is now down taking a nap. Poor little guy has felt so rotten for the past few days, I decided to take him in this morning. Now at least we know it is nothing serious...just something we have to live through for a few more days! Nicholas had a visit thursday at school from Ms Connie, the educational consultant that we hired. She phoned Sunday evening, and luckily she thinks that his "problems" will be easily overcome. She had several suggestions that we could implement immediately, and a few others that we will do over time. We are hoping to be able to meet Friday after school with our principal, kindergarten teacher, and Connie, to discuss her findings. Please pray with us that the school (mainly our teacher!) will be open to her suggestions. We don't want to move him away from Trinity, but if they won't help us meet his needs, we may have to. In a nutshell, Connie says that Nick is a very "tactile" learner, and the the current teaching methods aren't really reaching to him. She thinks he may have a visual processing deficit, which we will be getting checked out by a specialist. Also, he seems to have a motor processing issue, which she thinks some more OT will help overcome. Basicially, we need some time to focus on what is causing his problems, so that he won't get discouraged at school. LUCKILY, she agreed with me, that removing him from kindergarten would NOT be the correct thing to do. He understands, and is learning, but the way our teacher teaches is not really good for him. More importantly, he is socially well adjusted, follows directions, and is enjoying school. Her professional opinion is that removing him from class would definitely do much more harm than good! Yeah! Mom was right! We are hiring a tutor, and hopefully she will be able to go to school, and help him there. Another thought is for her to come to school right after dismissal, and do the work in an empty classroom for an hour or so, a couple days per week. We want there to be some separation between school and home, so that he doesn't get too overwhelmed. Again, we'll be discussing this Friday.....

Today, however, we plan to enjoy the afternoon outside after school. It's almost fall!!! My favorite time of year!!!!


Mindy said...

I didn't even realize you were back to blogging!! Glad you're back! :)

Sounds like you're working very hard on making school a good place for your little man! I agree that pulling him out of school is only going to make him feel like some sort of outcast...what were they thinking when they suggested that?!?! Ugh. Sometimes only Mommy really knows what's best! Keep up the great work!!

Jennifer said...

I hope we can catch up on this ;)